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Friday, 29 June 2012

Training update

I'm typing this update at 9.00am on Friday 29th June. Outside my window it's pouring with rain, while inside, I'm caught in the grip of some man-flu to the power of 10 type virus, and feeling very sorry for myself, in the way we men do when we have...a cold! So I'm taking advantage of a gap between  paracetomol and vitamin intake to just get the blog up to date with my training rides.

Truth is, since Day 21's Blackpool to Southport 39.2 miles, I  haven't managed to get another decent long training ride in. Somehow my long 6 day week at work seems to be coming round faster and faster and between work and the usual other factors, weather and...life, it's been difficult to get any training in at all. Still, I HAVE managed to get in three training sessions, and I'm still working on the premis that anything is better than nothing so, here's what I've got done in June...

DAY 22 - Saturday 9th June - 12.5 miles
Took advantage of Rachael taking the kids to see their grandad, and pushed the 12.5 miles from Southport to Netherton up the Formby by-pass to meet them there and get a lift back. It was off The Long Push route again, but a good way to get a few miles in. Largely uneventful journey really. Almost got caught in a rain shower half way there, as I passed Ladygreen Nursery, but fortunately it was very brief, and I made it without getting soaked. Still using the 'In Heat' 80A wheels and I've decided they are definitley the ideal wheels for any of my longer journeys. They smooth out the rougher surfaces really well and roll really well with the Loaded bearings in. I think what I'll do is use the 'In Heat's for any of my longer training rides out of town but swap back to the harder 83A Orangatang 'Durians' for training rides around my Marine Lake training circuit, as that has really pretty smooth surfaces all the way round.

DAY 23 - Tuesday 12 June - 14.08 miles
An 'after work' training session. The weathermen were treatening that this would be the only dry day for the rest of the week, so I was keen to get some miles in in case they were right. It was another Marine Lake area circuit, but I varied it by extending my lap to go up  and around the Birkdale end of Victoria park and then back around the other end at Fairways. You can see the map here...
I was hoping to get up to 15 miles, but I'd also promised I would be back by a certain time. So I got to over 14 and quit for the day at that.

DAY 24 - Monday 18th June - 10.58 miles

Today was a beautiful day. Blue skies, warm and with next to no wind at all. Perfect longboarding weather..or perfect weather full stop really. I decided to try another route I've had in mind for a while, to see if it worked. I wasn't sure if the surface was going to be OK but I've often looked at the cycle path alongside the coast road from Birkdale to Ainsdale and thought about pushing my board along it. I decided to give it a go. I pushed up to the coastal road from Birkdale to Ainsdale and got onto the coast road where it meets with the Formby By-pass. Stopped for a bit of energy food (Snickers!) and then set off along the cycle path. No problems at all. Smooth as. Had to breathe in each time a cyclist wanted to pass me, because the path is quite narrow, but otherwise it was a breeze. The thing that struck me today was how easy I was a fiinding these rides now. This ended up being a 10.58 miles, but it just seemed no effort at all. As long as I haven't got a deadline to meet or a time I have to be back by, the distance itself doesn't bother me at all now. And on a day like this, with my shades on and mp3 player playing, pushing my longboard just seems a great way to spend my time. Put simply, I LOVE IT!

I could have carried on and done more today, but we also had an appoinment with the childrens dietician to see if there were any changes dietery changes that might help with ASD. So I decided to quit near to Southport pier at 10.58 miles and go to the apointment with Rachael. 

So, training wise, the blog is now up to date, which is good. Got some GREAT news about the charity fund to be posted up soon. Just got to dose myself up and get rid of this cold now as soon as I can. Once rid of it I think I'll have to start training again with shorter distances and build up again. Right now, with my runny nose, headache and aching muscles, I feel that if I tried to do too much that it could set me back a little, and I don't need that with only...SIX full weeks to go before the full 10 mile journey on 11th and 12th August (weather permitting).

Time to shake a tail feather!

Thanks as ever, to THE LONG PUSH 2012 sponsors, www.bigwoodys.co.uk  uk.dcshoes-store.com  www.sporting-sails.com  www.orangatangwheels.com  www.jandrsports.co.uk  and to all who have donated and supported me in any way so far.


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