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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

8 Days a Week! Monday 16th July

Monday 16th July
Rain! And to make matters worse, I woke up with a searing pain in my left (pushing) leg shooting up into my back. Probably just twisted myself funny in the night, but either way it was sore. So probably just as well it wasn't looking like a skating day. An hour and half, a Radox bath and and a smearing of ibuprofen gel later and it was still raining...heavier now. But no worries, because I had an appoinment at 9.00am....

It's the last week of school before the kids break up for the summer holidays. One of the successes of The Long Push has been that a teaching assistant from one of the local primary schools picked up on a Long Push 2012 article that I posted on a local website, www.southport.gb.com and made loads of suggestions to me of ways that she would love to help support the project. One of these was that the school would be willing to support The Long Push. I'm writing a seperate full post about this, so these are just the brief details. So, to cut a long story short, the head teacher was fully supportive of the idea and, with the agreement of the children they arranged a mufty day (where the kids pay 50p to come into school in their own clothes instead of uniform) and donate the money to The Long Push. So today, I went into school assembly to collect a cheque from the school. Awesome! Check the 'Story of a Donation: Birkdale Primary School' post here http://thelongpush.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/story-of-donation-birkdale-primary.html to see the amount the children raised. Huge thanks to all concerned.

I was supposed to be at our last personal training session at 1.30pm, but the pain in my leg meant I had to drop out of that. Shame, but it wouldn't have been wise to try. A couple of days of rest and muscle therapy required I think. But it left me with time to post some stuff on the Long Push Facebook page, mainly the Nationwide donation photo and link to the blog post. Good response to that too.

3.00pm and I had to go and meet Steven's sister, 10 year old Ailsa at school. Ailsa has been itching to do something to support The Long Push. She's already donated some of her own money, and she's written a small piece about what it's like to have a brother on the autism spectrum, which I'll be posting up here for her soon. Over the last week she was getting old books, teddy's and bits of young girls jewellery together. She asked her head teacher if she could sell them in the playground after school, and he agreed. We sat and made a banner with her on Saturday and Ailsa put price tags on everything.  Books were priced from 10p up to 75p and there were trinkets from 5p. Today I had to take all the stuff to school, meet her there to set it up in the playground and help her with her 'garage sale'. Ailsa's sales technique was to scream like a banshee across the playground, "BOOKS AND STUFF FOR SALE!" and "BUY SOME STUFF FOR CHARITY PLEASE". My job was to carry the stuff to and from the car and to explain to the children and parents what it was for. We were late setting up because there had been a big school assembly.  I think we only sold 3 books, but Ailsa made £3.40 because the people who bought them paid more as a donation. The school staff were lovely and came out to see how Ailsa had done. They suggested we went back again tomorrow, so we left our table set up and moved it into the library, ready for another attempt on Tuesday.

No training today then, but still plenty of useful work done. Steven had had a full day at what will be his new school in September today. Change is not something he (or ASD kids in general) accept well, so he was a little unsettled by it, but for once he slept like a baby right through till 7.00am Tuesday, so maybe it tired him out. We were certainly grateful of the extra couple of hours sleep! Just hopefull my leg will have healed itself overnight and the weather will give us a break from rain on Tuesday.

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