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Saturday, 14 July 2012

8 Days A Week! - A week in the life of The Long Push 2012

With just about 4 weeks to go before setting off on the full 100 mile journey (unless I put it back to September, for better weather), I've booked a week off work to try and get as much 'rolling time' as possible, and boost my training over the next 4 weeks or so. Of course, the weather has a big part to play in this, so I thought I'd keep a diary of a week in the life of  The Long Push, to show you what gets done over a week....wet or dry!

So I'll update the blog with a new post each day this week with what's got done, and post the link each day on the Facebook page for those following. Today, Friday 13th July is the first day of the weekly diary, the 8th day of the week if you like, and I don't think I could have started this on a better day. So here we go with the first entry...

FRIDAY 13th JULY - I've been itching to get out on the board for ages again, but circumstances and weather have thwarted my attempts again. Yesterday (Thursday 12th) was a glorious day here. Blue skies, barely any wind, parades though the streets and people all around enjoying the day...while I was working! All day I was hoping for a repeat of the same for this morning, to just let me get out and get 10 miles in.

But no. Friday morning, grey skies and rizzle in the air! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! But...got to turn these frustrations around and make the best of the time. So 9.30 I went round to Birkdale Primary School, because today they were having a 'mufty day' (where the kids pay 50p to come in in tne own clothes instead of uniform) and donating the proceeds to The Long Push!I was too late to walk into the middle of assembly, but I waited and spoke to the head teacher, Mr. Shearan, and made an arrangement to go in to assembly on Monday morning, to thank the children, and collect a cheque for Families Connected. In return I have a Birkdale Primary sticker to go on the board or my helmet for the journey. So a good start to the day.

Next we got some great news. The board that had met on Thursday to discuss Steven's Statement of Educational Need had agreed our choice of school! :o) Meaning that from September he will be attending the specialist provision school of our choice. This is a huge leap forwards for us. Steven's managed in mainstream school, but his anxiety has been through the roof at times, a consequence of holding so much in all day and then releasing it at home. Now he will be in an environment where he will be able to flourish academically, but have his social communication issues addressed full time, by an experienced team of teachers and staff. Still doesn't change that he has an ASD diagnosis, but a massive leap forwards for all of us.

By now, the rain was coming down hard, and frankly I was pretty hacked off at this happening on my day off. Not to mention that we had been woken up by Steven at 4.00AM, so tiredness was a factor in my grump factor too! 1.30 and it was time for our latest personal training session. Rachael had signed up for a series of personal training sessions to help her recovery back to full health and as the sessions were per hour, not per person, I've been going along with her to most of them. They have been good for me to help keep me moving on days like this and I wanted to give Rachael some support in doing them too. They've worked too. She's much better as a result of the sessions and wanting to do more, so it's all good. The sesions have been with Nikki at N&N Fitness who operate for the Victoria building in Southport. I'll post some links when I can find them. Niki put us thru a few cardio and other exercises till our cheeks were red and has agreed to give me a couple of leg massages for free in support of The Long Push. Very cool of her. More about this soon. Our last session with Nikki is on Monday.

The school run was starting at 3.00 and I was in work at 4.00, so that was the most made of a wet day, although I did visit Lidl and pick up a USB pedometer as well. Hopefully I'll be able to use that training on the board, but I'll have to have a read of the instructions!

Hoping for a better day on Saturday.

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